UNTHINKABLE: Shipping a Drawing a Day, Every Day

unthinkable - chris piascik.png

We hear the all the time: JUST SHIP IT! 

Just ship your work already. But should you? COULD you? Is this idea friend … or foe?

Today we go exploring the topic of shippin’ it, and shippin’ it good.

Stories about Chris Piascik, an illustrator who has published a new drawing every single weekday since 2007, and Andrea Fryrear, a newly-minted author who wrote her book in 6 months and got her start writing 5 articles every week for work.

We care about craft. And results. We want to make it GREAT. But also done. Let’s make sense of this hairy idea today.

It’s Unthinkable.


Chris’s portfolio

Chris on Twitter

Andrea’s site

Andrea on Twitter

Andrea’s new book!

Posted on October 17, 2017 and filed under EPISODES.