Their Work Seems Crazy, Until You Hear Their Side of the Story: Unthinkable Season 3


Season 3 of Unthinkable saw us exploring a wide range of moving, hilarious, and surprising new stories across all kinds of industries: public speaking, consumer electronics, nonprofit and public transportation, software design, CPG, podcasting, beer, blogging, and more. We met a speaker with a man bun and a CEO who prefers PEO — that’s “Poo Executive Officer.” From a safety message the world couldn’t stop singing, to the Procrastination Monkey who couldn’t stop getting in the way, we ventured to the far corners of the business world to dig up stories you’ve never heard and extract insights you’ve never considered.

With each episode, we pushed forward in our journey. As a community, we’re bothered by suck, hellbent on doing our best, and can’t wait to think for ourselves when we’re surrounded by conventional thinking.

These stories inspire us, and their insights empower us.

I’ve been writing, speaking, and creating podcasts for years. Without question, Season 3 is the greatest collection of stories I’ve ever told. I hope you enjoy!

You can also find these stories in the Unthinkable backlogs on your podcast player of choice: Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast, or wherever you listen.

Posted on November 1, 2018 .