Consistency is sexy

When most teams hear the call to “innovate,” the work devolves into a stress-fueled, feverish race to manufacture spikes in the numbers. We obsess over finding “what works,” instead of identifying WHY something works, thus equipping ourselves to be proactive, original thinkers. We try trend after trend, endure hype cycle after hype cycle, doing anything in our power to get those spikes. We pull all these random acts of creativity because we don’t have a plan otherwise.

Just gimme those spikes! We need the spikes!

This is maddening. This is exhausting. This is simply unsustainable.

So how can we make creativity consistent, instead of random?

We don’t talk about this enough in the business world, but consistency is sexy.


I mean, give me a brand that really knows how to evolve with me, because I am a grown-ass man. (That’s the worst thing I’ve ever written. Let’s move on.

Consistent creativity doesn’t create one-off spikes. It shifts the trajectory of the entire damn line. (That’s pretty sexy.)

So how DO we make creativity consistent? Is it possible to turn innovation into a habit, rather than a Hail Mary? I believe so, but we need to shift our perspective on what these terms mean, find the first priciples, then re-build our thinking back up from there.

In the following two episodes of my podcast, Unthinkable, we uncover a couple stories and a few helpful frameworks to help us achieve what feels impossible today: making creativity consistent.

These are the two most popular episodes of the show this year, published only a few weeks ago. They have a different style and approach than most of my prior 150+ episodes, and I think you’ll enjoy this short but enjoyable format.

First episode: “Innovation Impossible” (Stream it on your computer, listen on Apple, or listen on Spotify.)

Second episode: “Wrinkles” (Stream it on your computer, listen on Apple, or listen on Spotify.)

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Posted on September 3, 2019 and filed under Wrinkles.