Are you usefully delusional?

The late, great Anthony Bourdain once said that to create something and expect that others spend time with it and like it, you have to be somewhat monstrous. There’s something not rational about that belief in yourself — and it’s the exact kind of irrational self-talk that we need.

When we’re “usefully delusional,” we have the confidence to act as if. It’s not just, “We can.” It’s, “We will.”

I’m not saying to let your ego out of the cage entirely, but, yanno … let it paw at the world a little bit.

When we create something in our image, something reflecting our beliefs or perspectives, something intended to be received by others, we’re doing something against the odds. No rational person would think they’d be capable of putting something out into the world that they just wanted to exist … to the delight of others.

Good thing we’re not rational.

We’re usefully delusional.

— — —

For more on the power of self-delusion for the creative minded, read this wonderful piece from bestselling author AJ Jacobs.

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Posted on September 23, 2019 .