How Marketing’s Top Teams Make Creativity a Habit, Not a Hail Mary, to Drive Bigger Results

This speech is perfect for audiences who want to…

  • Create better experiences for others they serve (internally or externally).

  • Make constant improvement and experimentation an operational advantage.

  • Generate word-of-mouth business by exceeding expectations routinely over time.

When most teams hear the call to “innovate,” the work morphs into stress-induced, one-off attempts to be creative or juice the numbers. Teams try to “go big,” or trend-hop, or sprint all-out in a reactive, exhaustive way.

This is simply NOT sustainable.

It turns out the world’s best organizations don’t operate this way. Unlike most teams, they have a proactive plan, and they make innovation consistent instead of random. In fact, their everyday way of operating naturally leads to creative breakthroughs all the time, without needing to stop or panic. After all, true success is measured by the trajectory of the entire line — not periodic spikes — so how can we all shift the line in the right direction?

In this eye-opening, insightful, and hilarious talk, Jay Acunzo helps attendees turn innovation into a habit. Through customized, relevant stories and surprising research, he unearths the root causes of the typical, unsustainable approach plaguing most teams, before sharing a more sustainable framework attendees can implement right away.

Attendees will learn:

  • The cultural and behavioral forces that cause work to grow stale or stop yielding returns in the first place.

  • A repeatable system to answer three crucial questions: WHAT should we change? WHEN should we change? HOW should we change?

  • A team-wide framework to make innovation proactive and consistent, instead of reactive and risky.

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How to Make Better Decisions, Faster, When Surrounded by Too Much Information

This speech is perfect for audiences who want to…

  • Encourage more strategic thinking across the organization.

  • Move faster as a competitive edge.

  • Eliminate reactive, commodity work to instead proceed proactively, with clarity and confidence.

We live in a world flooding with best practices, conventional wisdom, and trendy tactics. It’s all we can do to simply keep up, let alone take control. It’s like we’re trapped on this always-spinning wheel of reactive decisions and good-enough work. It’s time to escape this cycle. It’s time to break the wheel.

In this fast-paced, inspiring talk, Jay Acunzo hands attendees a sledgehammer. He’ll share lessons learned from researching over 200 teams and individuals who broke from conventional thinking to do exceptional things — without ever feeling like it was risky.

Today, THE skill isn’t finding answers and ideas. It’s vetting them. Jay’s talk will help attendees put a system in place for making better decisions, faster, when surrounded by too much information.

Remember: Finding "best practices" isn’t the goal. Finding the best approach for you is.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to find clarity, faster, when surrounded by information overload.

  • A simple framework for making better decisions than the conventional wisdom — and the competition.

  • The one behavior change we all need to bridge the gap between average and exceptional work.